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We are a travel agency headquartered in Tokyo that specializes in overseas travel.
To recover demand in the tourism business after Covid 7, We have started to provide an optional tour service in Japan for foreign tourists visiting Japan.
We offer optional tours tailored to the needs and purposes of individual customers from all over the world who visit Japan.
In order for you to fully enjoy your stay in Japan, we do travel and experience the local area by ourselves for supporting your trip from actual experience.
Group trips and airline tickets can also be arranged.
Please feel free to contact us for any trivial requests.

Why optional tours?

Nowadays, many travelers visiting Japan choose to travel individually.
The attraction of individual travel is that you can use your own time freely.

However, in Japan, there are still many places where English is not understood, it is extremely difficult for individuals to travel by themselves. Therefore, we recommend that you take an optional tour.
You can enjoy your trip comfortably by participating in an optional tour.

Experiencing Japanese food, history, and culture while making effective use of your time, have become a trend of travel today.

Why choosing Skycrewtravel?


  1. It is possible to provide tailored service to each individual unique to a small company.
  2. We will respond quickly even in an emergency.
  3. We have staff who speak English and Italian.

Because Sky Crew Travel is a small company, we can offer flexible and tailored service to our customers.
We have multilingual staff, so you can receive service without feeling the language barrier.
Personalized tours and groups can be arranged. Please feel free to contact us.

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《Depart from Tokyo》2days Hokkaido & Mt Asahidake 1 Day Hiking Tour
2 days tour of Hokkaido from Tokyo. Let’s enjoy the nature of Japan. This tour includes Asahidake hiking tour, Take a walk to the 5th station of Mt. Asahidake with a view of the famous Sugatami Pond. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy the 360 ° view of Mt. Daisetsu and Mt. Tokachi.


Sumo morning training tour with Sumo style lunch – private transfer
You can observe the powerful morning practice of sumo wrestlers. Taste sumo style lunch “Chanko nabe” cooked by wrestlers. We recommend this unique tour for all types of travelers.


【Kyoto cultural forest】Tenryuji ,Arashiyama sightseeing & Make a samurai knife 1 day tour|Sagano romantic train
Experience riding a rickshaw at the famous sightseeing spot “Arashiyama” in Kyoto. Visit beautiful Japanese garden at the world heritage site “Tenryuji”. You can also take the popular trolley train. In sword making experience, you will make a small knife in the same process as making a Japanese sword.


《Depart from Tokyo》 Osaka 2days tour with Osaka amazing pass
Let’s go to Osaka, Japan’s second largest city. With a convenient Osaka amazing pass for sightseeing!
With the Osaka Pass, you can use transportation, museums, and many other facilities free of charge.


《Depart from Tokyo》Okinawa 4days tour〈Ryukyu Glass blowing experience & Rental Car included〉
When you come to Japan, let’s go to “Okinawa” in the southern part of Japan! This tour includes a rental car so you can explore the Okinawan countryside. Enjoy beautiful traditional crafts, Ryukyu glass making. No special experience required, craftsmen will support you.


《Tokyo departure・Rental car included》Stay in a luxury hotel!4 days of Miyakojima, Okinawa ~Shisa Ceramics Experience & Optional Tour~

You can experience the culture and nature of Miyakojima with the experience of making your own Shisa and joining optional tour.
Stay at the popular Seawood Hotel, which opened in February 2020.
It is a recommended tour that you can enjoy every corner of Miyakojima with the theme of “traveling like living”.

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Hiroshima / Miyajima


Private half day tour – experience rikshaw and wearing yukata in Miyajima – English (Summer)
You can enjoy tour in traditional Japanese costumes, which is perfect for girls’ trips. Professional guide will take you through Miyajima Island as well as the famous “Itsukushima Shrine”. Rickshaw ride experience includes!


Private Nikko Toshogun Shrine & Katayama shuzo full day sightseeing tour – English
A shrine where the first Tokugawa shogun “Ieyasu Tokugawa” is enshrined. Most of the buildings have been designated as national treasures and important cultural properties, and in 1999, they were registered as World Heritage Sites. Visit shuzo (sake brewery) in the afternoon.



Private Kusatsu Onsen full day sightseeing tour – English
Visit “Kusatsu Onsen”, one of the three famous hot springs in Japan. You can hear the sound of hot springs flowing throughout the city, and enjoy gourmet food and footbaths.